BigSpark by Gateway, brings together the Schools of Computing, Language, Speech, and Drama, in an endeavor to promote STEAM Education with an activity-based approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Gateway has a long heritage of energizing, enlightening and empowering children for the challenges that lay before them by facilitating inquiry, dialogue, creativity, and critical thinking.

At BigSpark by Gateway, every child, is thought of as a universe awaiting the spark that would create an adult who is intellectually, emotionally and physically ready for the challenges that tomorrow brings. A diverse range of programmes are offered to children from the age of four years.

With education expected to prepare children for a fast-changing digital workplace, technology-led learning is becoming the norm. This new era of education also demands a fresh set of skills that children can apply to anything by learning to think in a logical and rational manner. These are instilled in them through the suite of technology-based programmes offered at BigSpark by Gateway. Children are encouraged to unleash their creativity and think critically with the activity-based programmes in Robotics, STEM, and Coding/Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, Gateway’s Computer Pioneers programme - is the only program in the country that prepares children for iPrimary and iSecondary Computing exams, assured by Pearson Education, providing the fundamental knowledge in ICT for young students. Students also have the option of getting certified for International Computer Driving License (ICDL), world's leading computer skills certification.

The ability to communicate effectively provides a great advantage for children’s success in life, both as social beings and in pursuing an education. BigSpark by Gateway endeavours to develop a rounded language skill set, focusing on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, in English and Tamil. English courses are taught via traditional lessons, blended learning and e-learning while courseware such as workbooks, audio and video are provided by UK publishers such as Cambridge, Pearson and Delta. All programmes are designed according to the Council of Europe Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) and thus meet the highest international standards. Courses are carried out in partnership with Pearson and Cambridge International Examinations.

The Performing Arts play a significant role in helping children develop their creative skills. The Speech & Drama programmes available at BigSpark by Gateway, allow children to be creative and playful; motivating them to recreate and enact situations. Students are not only exposed to a wide range of literature and its appreciation, but develop confidence as well as skills in reading, speaking and presenting. A panel of qualified teachers decide on the best curriculum to follow based on continuous assessments of the child. Classes are grouped in small sizes to ensure individual and customised attention. Students are presented for both foreign and local examinations, through the LAMDA, Trinity College London, IWMS and CALSDA according to their age and ability.

With a vision to provide a holistic learning experience that will produce capable, creative and confident citizens who are fueled by a fire to do good and succeed in life, the BigSpark by Gateway endeavours to instill the values of kindness, dependability, self-expression and independence, in its students.

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