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Language Centre

The BigSpark Language Centre focuses on delivering the full gamut of English Language skills including Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing to a diverse group of students, whether their goal is academic, professional or personal improvement and has gained a well-deserved reputation for providing high quality English education in a friendly and supportive environment.

The BigSpark Language Centre utilises traditional teaching methods combined with practical approaches, e-learning and multiple courseware developed by UK publishers such as Cambridge and Delta to achieve the desired learning outcomes. All course curricula are designed according to the Europe Common European Framework and carried out in association with Pearson and Cambridge International Examinations making BigSpark Language Centre the trusted institute for superior English language education.


English for Young Learners

Creating a fun and positive learning environment is extremely important to equip kids with a strong foundation for continued success. Our lesson plans focus on a variety of fun activities that help children relax and enjoy the learning process. They are structured in a manner that students learn a defined set of grammar, vocabulary and comprehension at each of the levels and can interact in English in real life situations.

The English for Young Learners programme is designed for children aged 6 to 12 years and is available at three levels — Starter (6-8 years old), Mover (8-10 years old) and Flyer (10-12 years old). A ‘Pre-Starter’ preparatory level is also available for younger children hoping to qualify for the Starter level. At the end of each of the three main levels, students sit for Cambridge Young Learners Tests, conducted by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. The papers are marked in Cambridge by ESOL examiners with the exception of the Speaking tests, which are assessed by trained oral examiners from the certified Skills for Life centre. The grading system is presented in a manner that provides positive encouragement to learners ensuring they continue their studies. Further, all students who complete their tests receive awards, focusing on their capacities rather than inabilities

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English for Teenagers and School Leavers

At BigSpark we believe that teenagers are a passionate, energetic group, who are motivated to succeed, even if they don’t always appear to be so. We believe it is our job is to channel their energy and potential into a love for English language, and towards fluency that will help them as they pursue further studies, employment, etc in the future.

Designed to be accessible to all teenagers, be they in middle school or school leavers, students gain entry to one of five levels depending on their knowledge and competence. The courses are structured at five levels — Foundation, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Diploma. Successful completion of the final Diploma level is accepted for UK university entrance.

Students join at the level best suited for their language skills and sit for examinations carried our Pearson Edexcel or Cambridge ESOL at the end of each level. The international examining bodies are responsible for both setting the test papers as well as marking them, ensuring grading that is comparable across the world. Students receive Certificates of Attainment from Pearson Edexcel or Cambridge ESOL upon successfully completing each level, qualifications which are recognised internationally.

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English for Adults and Professionals

The BigSpark Language Centre offers courses that meet the different English language needs of adults and professionals. The Business English courses in particular are designed to prepare young adults for the English language demands of professional employment.

Courses are conducted across three levels — Threshold, Vantage and Effective Operational performance — and students learn how to communicate effectively in English. For example, extracting information from short spoken exchanges or appropriate vocabulary in different contexts. Students can choose to have their qualifications be certified by Gateway or Cambridge ESOL.

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