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Performing Arts

Learning the performing arts is of great benefit to children, not only to communicate and perform in the creative arts in English, but also to gain self-confidence and self-discipline. Performing art programmes have shown to greatly enhance personal, academic and language outcomes and improving cognitive, motor and social skills. Children learn to explore and be comfortable with new situations, think outside the box and on their feet, and express themselves appropriately, in a safe environment. They learn to solve problems, speak in public, present their ideas and successfully work in a team without hindering their own development. These are all skills of importance and value that will carry them through their academic and professional lives in the future..

The Gateway School of Performing Arts offers an extensive curricula that covers the full gamut of knowledge and skills in the performing arts with over ten programmes that cover a wide range of subjects including speech and drama (commonly known as elocution), communication skills, speaking verse and prose, reading for performance, speaking in public, acting, mime and devised drama. Classes are limited in size to ensure personal attention from our panel of highly qualified teachers. Students are prepared for both foreign and local examinations conducted by London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), Trinity College, London (TCL), The Institute of Western Music and Speech (IWMS) and the Colombo Academy of Language Skills And Dramatic Art (CALSDA).


Speech and Drama

Our Speech and Drama courses are designed to encourage progressive development in communication skills and appreciation of genres of literary texts such as drama, poetry and prose, over time. These also give children opportunities to shine as they develop communication skills, learn presentation techniques and build confidence. The syllabus also introduces students to the fascinating art of mime and improvisation.


Acting is an important aspect of the performing arts and gives students the confidence to speak and perform in public. Later in life, the same skills can help them perform successfully at interviews, meetings, presentations and even social occasions. This module touches upon various aspects of drama such as in-depth study of the nuances of acting, stage direction, creating a sense of reality through the exploration of style, form, character, subtext and context across literature from all periods.

The Speaking of Verse and Prose

The Speaking of Verse and Prose course is designed to develop the skills necessary for effective oral communication of the written word to an audience. This course covers interpretative skills, technical skills and a knowledge of literature which are paramount to read poetry or prose, audibly, clearly and in an engaging way to an audience.

Reading for Performance

Reading for Performance allows a student to read in an expressive and meaningful way that is satisfying to an audience. In essence it is the art of bringing a book to life. Through animated and imaginative performances, students learn to draw in an audience by using movement and vocals to reflect the contrasting text. They are also taught to develop skills in voice diction, posture, reading aloud and audience communication.

Spoken English

Spoken English is a supportive programme that the school offers to help students to gain confidence in basic communication. The course is structured to expose students to vocabulary, grammatical structures, basic conversational skills and comprehension skills. With our enthusiastic and dedicated staff, students also pick up on our enthusiasm for the language.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively with your family, friends, teachers and later in life, with superiors, colleagues and staff, is essential for a young person. Communication skills help students in their study, gaining and developing a career and social networking. The Communications Skills module enables students to effectively use verbal and nonverbal communication and understand what communication styles and skills can be adopted for different purposes.

Effective Communication and Public Speaking

Effective Communication and Public Speaking are becoming extremely important at school, work and other settings. This module prepares students in effective oral communication and public presentation and builds their confidence to perform successfully at interviews, meetings, social and formal occasions as well as when speaking, acting or performing in public. The overall objective is to develop dynamic, effective and sensitive modes of conveying meaning and empathy.

Religious Reading

To appreciate the beauty and better understand most religious texts, they need to be read aloud with meaning. The Religious Reading course helps learners to appreciate the reading and understanding of religious texts, namely the Light of Asia, The Holy Bible, The Bhagavad Gita and The Holy Quran.

Devising Drama

Designed for students with ambitions to create their own performance works, it is ideal for learners with aspiration to write scripts as well as perform them. Students are taught to create characters and write the scripts themselves. They will also be taught dramatic structure and staging, using movement and mood, style and space.

Group Drama and Choral Speech

In a world where being a team player is a highly valued skills, Group Drama and Choral Speech is a great way to learn valuable lessons on team building, sharing responsibility and understanding the essence of group dynamics. The examinations, held for groups of students, are actually looked forward to by students as it allows them to be a part of a large creative whole.


Although 400 years have passed since his death, William Shakespeare is not only still celebrated but also relevant in today’s world and has become a permanent fixture in the classroom. This module introduces and engages students in his sonnets and plays, so that they appreciate his creative use of language, engaging plot lines and complex characters. Learning these ultimately culminates in performing the Bard's work confidently and creatively.

Certification Performing Arts

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